Java VT6530 Terminal Emulator
Using the Tandem(TM) VT6530 Terminal
Stand-alone Java Application
From the command prompt, in the directory above 'gov', type java gov.revenue.vt6530.Windowed hostname portnum
Microsoft Windows EXE
Run vt6530.exe hostname portnum
On a Web Page
Running the terminal on a web page requires setting up a proxy on the web server and setting the applet parameters on the web page.

1. Configure a new URL for your web server and place all the terminal files there.

2. Open a command prompt and go to the directory with the terminal files.

3. Type 'java Proxy localportnum destinationhost destinationport' where destinationhost is the DNS name or IP of you Tandem and destinationport is the port number. If your using Windows NT and VJ++, there's an example proxy service that you can modify for your environment.

4. Modify the applet parameters in default.html as follows

<PARAM NAME=HOST VALUE="web_server_dns_name_or_ip">

The port number is the localportnum parameter for Proxy.


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